Dvora has been a great asset to our charter and school reform efforts! Whether writing charters, developing school reform plans, or rethinking schedules and curriculum, Dvora has been a key member of our team. Her knowledge of what children need in order to become enthusiastic, engaged learners is both deep and broad and her passion for education reform is remarkable.


Gene Straub, Executive Director Larchmont Charter Schools, former Board Treasurer Valley Charter Schools


I collaborated with Dvora on the development of middle school math teacher training curriculum for my organization. I saw first hand that her knowledge of both content and pedagogy is unparalleled. Furthermore, her pedagogical approach incorporates manipulatives and technology in ways that are unparalleled among secondary teachers.


Valerie Braimah, Executive Director City Schools, formerly Chief Learning Officer for Insight Education Group


Dvora is a visionary educator whose gifts are difficult to summarize in a short document...In her work to create Larchmont Charter School, Dvora was the sole creator of the educational vision of the school and led the process from start to finish. She educated parents on this vision and helped us embrace it - which we thoroughly did. In the early stages, she spoke in laymen's terms with parents, inspiring them to give money (we raised over $200,000 from parents prior to school start-up) and commit to sending their children to a school that did not yet exist. Dvora earned the trust, respect and affection of our Founding Parents (~80 families) and equally inspired teachers and our principal, convincing them to take a risk in their careers and do the hard work necessary to open a school. Then, when it came time to appear before LAUSD, Dvora became Larchmont's public face, presenting our educational program at televised LAUSD board meetings.


She served on our Founding Board, acting as the committee head of our Charter Renewal and Middle School Exploratory committees. She played pivotal roles in our committees on topics such as Principal Search, Hiring, and Principal/School Assessment.

Dvora is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with her one-on-one until 3 AM on more than a few occasions and there is no one with whom I'd rather collaborate. She is passionate, yet always rational, and highlyefficient. She is flexible and can change her mind when given reasons that oppose her original viewpoint. She takes other's opinions and feelings into account. She is patient with distraught parents, but never fails to make the right decision.


Lindsay Sturman, Former Board President and Founding Parent, Larchmont Charter School, Board of Directors and Founder of City Charter School and Valley Charter School


Dvora and I have worked together for many years. She is an excellet designer of educational programs with a truly impressive track record in helping found several of the top-performing and most in-demand charter schools in Los Angeles. She brings a wonderful passion and her sharp intelligence to designing the programs that will engage diverse children in a dynamic educational setting. My own children are thriving at a school Dvora helped design!


Tara Kelly, Educational Consultant, Founding Board of Directors Larchmont Charter School, Citizens of the World Charter School

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