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Inwood Educators was founded by Dvora Inwood. She has advised charter school management organizations in improving and expanding their programs, managed the charter renewal process, created curriculum and courses used to train new teachers, coached educators in different pedagogical methods and curriculum construction, and designed engaging courses for grades K-12.

As a charter school founder, Ms. Inwood has designed the schools, written charters and business plans, hired founding staff, and served on the founding Board of Directors. She is the original charter author and school designer for the City Schools, Larchmont Charter Schools, Valley Charter Schools, Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, and Citizens of the World Charter Schools.  All have long wait lists, consistently positive family and faculty reviews, and high student test scores. Ms. Inwood's innovative and effective program designs have earned her schools the largest possible federal and foundation grants of ~$1 million per school.

Ms. Inwood has taught Mathematics to students in grades 6-10; tutored writing, all levels of mathematics, and standardized test prep; and served as a private college counselor and academic advisor to high school students across the country.

Ms. Inwood earned her master's in Education from Stanford University, focusing on curriculum construction and teacher education. She earned her B.A. from Harvard, in an interdisciplinary concentration fusing economics, political science and sociology.

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